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All forms of memorial stone can be cleaned and renovated by our skilled restorers.

Replacement Inscription

An existing inscription may have to be repaired or replaced from time to time. Often the prices charged for this work will be the same as those shown below.

These prices are meant as a guide to help you plan for the restoration of your memorial stone but should not be seen as applicable to all cases. Actual inspections are often necessary and may lead to the charge being reduced as well as increased. A guide to the charges is given below but an accurate quote can often only be given after an inspection.

Additional inscriptions

The cost of adding to an inscription on an existing stone is dependent on the material of the memorial and the type and style of the inscription.

Remove and Refix

A futher fee may have to be paid if headstone has to be removed.

The cost of removing and replacing a headstone would be approximately £50 on subject to inspection.

Memorial Care

Marble memorials should be regularly washed down with soapy water.

No neat chemicals such as bleach or detergent should be used as this will damage the texture of the stone and increase the rate of future weathering.

Marble memorials may need a 'machine clean' after a number of years. With this process, our masons would grind out and polish the top skin of the marble to remove the pores filled with dirt. A fresh, clean white surface will then be exposed. This work can almost restore the memorial to is original condition although some deep stains may persist in the marble and can not be removed.

Cleaning Granite memorials will not need regular cleaning. their highly polished surfaces are largely maintenance free and most dirt will be removed by wiping with a simple damp cloth (this will not be true of granite memorials which have a matt finish as their surfaces will not be as highly polished).

The lettering finish for both marble and granite memorials will deteriorate over time and may need repair work.